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Master Control

Remotely manage and control your Teradek codecs from anywhere in the world

Route and distribute your video feeds to multiple destinations simultaneously

Record and download your live feeds or store them in the cloud

Securely share and monitor your content with the free CoreTV app for iOS

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Solutions for:

Do More in the Cloud

Do More in the Cloud
Take control of your IP video workflow

Take control of your IP video workflow

Easy to get started

Remotely configure and manage your entire fleet of Teradek IP video devices from a single interface. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming event or troubleshooting devices in the field, Core’s management tools allow you to remain in total control no matter where you are.

Reach a larger audience

Distribute video far and wide

Perfect for point to multipoint systems or streaming to several OVPs and Facebook pages, Core has the capacity to support even the most complex IP video workflows.

Full Technical Specification
Reach a larger audience
Record, Share, and Archive

Record & Archive

Secure cloud storage

Save all of your live content on Core or upload pre-recorded material for playout at a later time. With Core’s archiving capabilities, you can download, store, and share all of your live feeds securely from the cloud, and automatically sync files to your Google Drive and FTP folders.

Secure Sharing
& off-set Monitoring

Availability and remoteness

Whether your clients are looking to monitor a live event or review a recorded asset, the Core TV apps allows you to securely share your content in real-time from anywhere in the world. The permission-based systems gives you complete control over who gets what footage and when, allowing you send AES-128 encrypted streams to only those that need it.

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Secure monitoring on iOS

Compatible with all H.264 & HEVC encoders

Corecloud delivers HD video from your camera to any service, and you can use more than just Teradek encoders.

Core is compatible with any 3rd party H.264 / HEVC encoder that can stream with the SRT, RTMP(S), and MPEG-TS protocols.

Expand your distribution capabilities by pairing your Teradek ecosystem with hardware from other vendors.

Compatible hardware and apps


Cube 700, Bond 700

Portable broadcast-grade HEVC / H.264 encoders and decoders.

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Cube 600, Bond 600

Portable broadcast-grade H.264 encoders and decoders.

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Link Pro

Bonded cellular WiFi access point.

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Dynamic 4K HEVC Encoder/Decoder Solution.

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Rack mount HEVC / H.264 codec.

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VidiU Go

Portable live streaming HEVC encoder with network bonding technology.

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Core App

Configure your Core account from your smartphone.

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Core TV

Securely monitor and share video feeds from Core.

Airmix Solo

Airmix Solo

Stream with graphics from your smartphone to Core.

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Supported live streaming
platforms and protocols

and many more RTMP live video platforms...

Full Technical Specification

Discover what else Core can do

From stream failover and transcoding to real-time graphics and bonding, Core’s extensive capabilities can help you achieve more with your IP video workflow.


Core 2.1 Basic
For occasional live streaming
(1-3 times per month)

Outbound data:
0GB + $2/GB
Link Pro data*:
$5 per GB

Cloud engines:
$75/month per engine
Graphic overlays:
$5 per hour
$3 per hour
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Core 2.1 Plus
For live streaming on a regular basis
(1-2 times a week)

Outbound data:
100GB + $1/GB
Link Pro data*:
$5 per GB

Cloud engines:
$75/month per engine
Graphic overlays:
$5 per hour
$3 per hour
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Core 2.1 Pro
For broadcasters and pro streamers
(every day)

Outbound data:
300GB + $0.75/GB
Link Pro data*:
$5 per GB

Cloud engines:
$75/month per engine
Graphic overlays:
$5 per hour
$3 per hour
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Core Enterprise
For large broadcasters and SOGs
From $999.00/mo

On-premise server options
Priority Phone & Slack Support
Dedicated cloud infrastructure
Volume discounts on data and servers
Custom workflow integration
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* Cellular contract not included
1 Cloud Sputnik Engine included

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What Teradek Encoders are compatible with Core?
  • Cube (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation 600 series, and 4th generation 700 series) as a standalone device*
  • Cube (1st, 2nd generation) with the original Bond
  • Cube 600 or 700 series with the Bond Expansion Module
  • Bond Backpack
  • Bond II (aka Bond 2)
  • Bond Pro
  • Slice Encoder (1st gen, 2nd gen 600 series, and 3rd gen 700 series)
  • T-RAX Encoder
  • VidiU Go
The following Teradek software and apps are compatible with Core, and can send a stream to a Core-controlled Sputnik server:
  • Airmix
  • Airmix Remote
  • Airmix Solo
  • Sphere
* As of firmware version 7.3.7 or later (1st gen/2nd gen) or 7.5.0 or later (3rd gen), Cube Encoders no longer require the purchase of the MPEG Transport Stream license or the free Bonding license when used with the Core service.
What Teradek Decoders are compatible with Core?
  • Cube Decoder (1st, 2nd generation, 600 series and 700 series)
  • Slice Decoder (1st generation, 600 series and 700 series)
  • T-RAX Decoder (1st generation, 700 series)
  • Core app for iOS
  • Airmix Remote*
  • Airmix Solo*
  • VUER for iOS*
* a remote source can be brought in from a Core account
Does the Core service directly receive or send out video streams?

The Teradek Core platform allows configuration and remote control of Teradek encoders, decoders, and Sputnik servers.

However, no video streams are sent directly into or out of Core.

The path taken by video streams depends on the operation mode -- Standard, or Remote Management Only -- that is configured on the device.

For additional information on the difference between Standard and Remote Management Only modes, refer to this article.

Can Core work with third party software or hardware encoders?

With the new Helios engine (see FAQ), streams from third party software or hardware encoders can be received in RTMP, MPEG-TS (over UDP or TCP), or SRT.
Refer to the FAQ on the new Core 2.1 for more information on the Helios engine.

  • Livestream Broadcaster
  • Livestream Studio
  • NewTek TriCaster
  • vMix Go
  • Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
  • Livestream Studio
  • Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
  • Telestream Wirecast
  • Telestream Wirecast Go
  • VidBlaster
  • vMix Live Production Software
  • Wowza GoCoder
  • Wowza Streaming Cloud
  • Wowza Streaming Engine
  • XSplit Broadcaster
What if I need a customized Core subscription plan?

If your requirements exceed the Basic, Plus or Pro subscription levels, or you simply need a plan tailored to your specific needs, our Sales team can create a custom Enterprise plan.

Contact Sales team by email or by phone +1 (888) 941-2111, ext. 1.

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