What is Core Cloud?

Remotely configure and manage your entire fleet of Teradek IP video devices from a single interface. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming event or troubleshooting devices in the field, Core’s management tools allow you to remain in total control no matter where you are.

With Core, you can:

Stream point to point or multipoint with several protocols and in a variety of formats.
Reliably deliver streaming video to any destination at very low latency.
Remotely manage, monitor, and configure all of your connected Teradek devices from a single location.
Securely share workspaces and streaming video with clients, executives, and other collaborators.
Produce live video from the cloud with real-time graphic overlays.
But that is just a small part of what Core is capable of.
Join us and see how our platform can take your streaming workflow to the next level.
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Our cause

Core is about connectivity.
2020 changed everything about how we live and work. Core Cloud changes everything about the way businesses and individuals interact with streaming media, making it easier and more cost-effective than ever before to distribute, share, manage, and monitor digital video from anywhere in the world.

Our platform:
Streamlines video contribution so camera operators in the field can seamlessly feed high quality video back to HQ.
Opens the doors to multiple online video platforms so you can reach a larger audience.
Connects remote campuses with live video so churches, schools, NGOs, government institutions, and businesses large and small can stay connected.
Enables remote production, allowing you and your organization to produce and deliver content without being on location.

Our markets

Corecloud customers include the following industries, and more:

Contact information

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