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What is core?

Core is an end-to-end solution for churches and communities across the globe that allows streaming worship services and events such as weddings, conferences, outreaches, baptisms, funerals or other gatherings to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube Live or to church websites — for congregants, remote campuses and remote teams to watch online from their homes or even other countries.
Why do you need Core?

Why do you need

2020 will be remembered as a year when the world has embraced remote participation at a new level, and this is even more so for churches with the physical presence restrictions in place for public worship services and other events. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 practically every government has issued safety guidance for communities, and specifically for places of worship and religious gatherings promoting protective measures for staff and congregants (US, UK, AUS). As a result, more and more churches across the world have deployed broadcast solutions to connect with their congregants, remote campuses and international teams and partners using live video.

What do you gain by using Core?

Maximize Audience

With Teradek Core you can stream all of your church’s events and activities straight from your camera or switcher to any online destination. Go live to your Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, website, or multiple destinations at the same time. By live streaming, you can spread your message by reaching people around the globe on their preferred platform.

Maximize Audience Reach
Connect Your Campuses

Connect Your

Whether streaming campus to campus or to an overflow room, point-to-point connections are as easy as drag and drop. Cube, Slice, and T-Rax codecs are cross compatible and offer streaming latency as low as 100ms on local networks or over the Internet. For complex, real-time IP video routing, our Core platforms allow you to transmit feeds from Teradek encoders to any other decoder around the world.

Graphic Overlays in
the Cloud

Generate professional broadcast level graphics in a simplified UI without the need for a hardware switcher. Create custom lower-thirds, watermarks and title cards for a more compelling production that engages your audience with a more immersive experience.

Connect Your Campuses

With Core, you can:

Cloud-based Ecosystem
Core is a complete IP video management platform in the cloud that gives you total control over your IP video devices from anywhere in the world. The Core platform is an optional service for Teradek Vidiu Go, Cube, Slice, and T-Rax codecs.
Third-Party Encoder Support
Centralize the entire encoder/decoder workflows with generic ingestion into Core.With an additional Helios engine, each codec is managed as an independent source and destination to simplify your point-to-point and live streaming ecosystem.
Core Apps
Access all of Core’s features directly from your iOS device. The Core App allows you to route, monitor and publish your streams all with the portability and convenience of a phone or tablet.
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Fail-Over Protection
Never leave your audience in the dark with the ability to apply a back-up stream in the case of a signal interruption. The additional Helios engine add-on provides fail-over protection, which is perfect for day-long services and events.
Archiving in the Cloud
Record and monitor every video feed passing through Core in real-time. Each file is automatically saved on Amazon’s S3 servers, which means they’re accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

From praise and worship to sermons, capture your church’s services from the most dynamic angles by incorporating VidiU Go into a multi-cam setup with a switcher and audio mixer to alternate views and speakers.

Through Core's network bonding capabilities, VidiU Go ensures you have a solid Internet connection by combining Ethernet, WiFi, and up to 2 4G LTE modems into a single internet pipeline. For quick deployment and wide reach, use a single-cam setup and stream to multiple destinations.

Integrate audio mixers and microphones into your live streaming setup with VidiU Go to capture high quality sound. The holidays are a perfect opportunity to unite your community through the sound of music.

Live stream wedding ceremonies and receptions to share the joy of love, family, and togetherness as it happens. Never miss a moment and create a beautiful memento for those in attendance and those watching from afar.

What you need to start streaming

Teradek encoder
All Teradek codecs can stream to any online video platform, including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, and more. You can go live on one or multiple platforms at the same time.
Video camera + accessories
- Any full HD HDMI or SDI portable video camera or camcorder will do the job.
- Camera mount wireless (lavalier) or condenser microphone.
Use a tripod that supports the weight of the camera and has the right mount.
Internet connectivity
- Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
- 4G/LTE for events hosted outside the main building.
PC, tablet or mobile phone
To set up your live in Core.
Social Network accounts
Your church accounts on social networks like Facebook or YouTube
Core Account
See our recommended subscription plans below:

Best subscription plans for churches

Core 2.1 Basic
For occasional live streaming
(1-3 times per month)

Outbound data:
0GB + $2/GB
Cloud Servers:
$2/hour or $75/mo per server
$3/hour or $500/mo per server
Graphic overlays:
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Core 2.1 Plus
For live streaming on a regular basis
(1-2 times a week)

Outbound data:
100GB + $1/GB
Cloud Servers:
$2/hour or $75/mo per server
(1 monthly included)
$3/hour or $500/mo per server
Graphic overlays:
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Core Specs for churches

Mobile Devices
Core features
designed for
Live streaming to multiple social media platforms
Live recording in the cloud
Graphic overlays for content branding (you can watermark each outbound stream differently)