Streaming Media
Management Platform

Bring your digital video workflow to the cloud with Core’s suite
of professional management and live production tools.


Stream Everywhere

Push your live video feeds to Facebook, YouTube, decoders, and more with Core’s multi-platform distribution. There’s no limit to the amount or type of destinations, even if they require different streaming protocols.

3rd Party Hardware Support

Core isn’t just for Teradek codecs, it’s for everyone. Stream to 3rd party hardware decoders from the cloud or ingest any manufacturer’s video encoder via SRT, RTMP, or MPEG-TS.

Pay On The Go

We believe everyone should have access to Core, from the largest broadcasters to the independent content creator. That’s why our pricing is dead simple: no contracts, no hidden fees, and best of all, if you don’t use it, you don’t pay for it.

Command and Control in the Cloud

Imagine controlling every aspect of your IP video pipeline from anywhere in the world, at any time you like. Well now you can. With the Core cloud platform, you’re in total control, with tools that increase the efficiency and reliability of your workflow, while improving the quality of your production.

Video Routing

Direct your video feeds to any number of decoders and online video platforms simultaneously, even if they’re coming from or going to non-Teradek codecs. From Core, you can choose from a variety of transport protocols on the fly, including SRT, MPEG-TS, RTSP, and RTMP.

Stream Redundancy

Keep your live feed going even if your primary stream goes down. With our stream fallback technology, you can add up to 5 simultaneous backup streams for automatic failover or manual switching.

File Playout and Archiving

Record your live video feeds to the cloud or play out pre-recorded media on demand to decoders and online video platforms.

Real-time Monitoring

Watch all of your live video feeds in real time anywhere in the world. Core dashboard gives you complete visibility of your codecs, allowing you to monitor their status, performance, and image quality.

Remote Configuration

Remotely configure and manage every parameter of your codec, including bitrate, resolution, transport protocol, and more from the cloud.

Network Bonding

Core offers several types of bonding servers to suit your organization’s requirements. Choose from on-demand, cloud-hosted, and self-hosted servers for use with our Cube, Bond, Link Pro, and VidiU Go codecs.


Stream from your HEVC Teradek encoder to Core for a real-time conversion to AVC, allowing you to take advantage of H.265’s benefits while delivering your content in the common H.264 standard.



Inbound: All data streaming into the Core platform with or without a streaming server.

Outbound: All data streaming out of the Core platform, including streaming to online video platforms, decoders, and recording.

$0.50 / GB
$0.50 / GB

We charge $3 an hour per transcoder instance. We prorate these charges so if you only use 30 minutes worth, we will bill for $1.50.

$3 / hour
Per transcoder

This applies only to our Link Pro product.

$5 / GB
Dedicated services
Cloud hosted

Suitable for users with multiple codecs or advanced IP video routing workflows, Cloud-Hosted servers run full time on Core and support up to 5 devices simultaneously. By choosing a Cloud-Hosted server, you gain access to everything our free On-Demand servers provide, in addition to redundant / backup streaming, 3rd party encoder support, advanced protocol options (MPEG-TS pull), and IP address / port management.

$75 / Month
Sputnik Engine
$75 / Month
Helios Engine
Self Hosted

If you prefer to manage your own Teradek streaming server, you may install our software on your custom hardware for a monthly fee. Our software supports up to 10 devices per instance, making it perfect for large businesses and power users. The Self-Hosted server option offers all of the capabilities found on both On-Demand and Cloud-Hosted servers.

$125 / Month
Sputnik Engine

There are no device limits in Core. Connect as many encoders, decoders, and applications (Live:Air) as you like and stream for as long as you want. You can also choose how you’d like to be billed: pay as you go, top up with credits, or send us a purchase order if your business requires it.

For custom Enterprise plans, please contact sales@teradek.com
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