Teradek Core for Broadcast

What is core?

Core is a secure end-to-end cloud solution for delivering live news between off-site crews and the broadcast facilities, for restreaming your channel's broadcasts to social networks, and for delivering live content between multiple TV stations. We use proprietary Teradek hardware encoders and decoders, transport protocols, software and cloud services which can be easily plugged into your existing production workflow.
A Canon camera with a Teradek encoder

Why do you need Core?

Teradek Core is your assurance for the high quality and security of your 4K and Full HD live video content - to or from your news studio. With the massive consumer shift from cable and IP TV to social media, you can't miss out on the opportunity to engage with your audience in an interactive way where it's most likely to view your programming.

What do you gain by using Core?

Core Cloud allows you to securely and reliably deliver your Channel's programming to any social networks like Facebook, YouTube live and many others, using our IP video codecs and Cloud services used by hundreds of broadcasters across the world.
Using portable Teradek Bond encoders and Core Cloud you can deliver live video from the field to your studio with minimal latency, highest Full HD quality and minimal cellular data costs (especially when using HEVC encoding), while allowing you to remotely configure quality of live broadcasts without disrupting the cameraman, directly from your control room.
Teradek's own bonding technology and proprietary high performance cellular modems (Node) or bonded cellular Wi-Fi routers (Link Pro) allow you to deliver your news coverage from practically anywhere with LTE/4G/3G cellular connectivity - those remote locations where other other live video technology doesn't stand a chance.
Lastly, if you operate a network of TV stations, Core allows you to send live video from one location to another or to all locations via simple and informative Core web interface, having access to real time streaming statistics.

How does Core fit into your existing workflow?

Teradek and Core Cloud provide 4K and Full HD HD-SDI and HDMI solutions for distributing video from cameras and from broadcast studio equipment to decoders and to CDNs. Core Cloud offers both cloud and on-premise streaming server options: cloud servers are easy to deploy in over a dozen regions across the world, while on-prem servers allow you to fully control your hardware specs and streaming costs.

Below are examples of the most common live streaming workflows with Core
Remote production (REMI)
Mobile news

Best subscription plans for broadcast

Core 2.1 Pro
For broadcasters and pro streamers
(every day)

Outbound data:
300GB + $0.75/GB
Cloud Servers:
$2/hour or $50/mo per server
(1 monthly included)
$3/hour or $500/mo per server
Graphic overlays:
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Core Enterprise
For large broadcasters and SOGs
On-premise server options
Priority phone support
Dedicated cloud infrastructure
Volume discounts on data and servers
Custom workflow integration
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Have questions?

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what Core can
do for you, contact us at: sales@teradek.com

Core Specs for broadcast

any manual RTMP(S) channels
Core APP
Core features
designed for
Remote device configuration
Live proxy recording in the cloud
HEVC to H.264 transcoding
Live streaming to multiple social media platforms
Real time live streaming QoS and statistics
Deployment and use your on-premise streaming servers
Fallback switching (between multiple streams)