Teradek Core for Conferences & Events

What is core?

2020 travel and public gatherings restrictions does not have to become a blocker for hosting your conferences and events - quite the opposite, you can increase your reach dramatically when you live stream them!

Core is a secure end-to-end cloud solution for multi-streaming your live events. Using Teradek IP encoders and proprietary Teradek Core Cloud you can easily add the live component to your offline events.
A Canon camera with a Teradek encoder

Why do you need Core?

Once you make up your mind about live streaming your events, you need an easy and reliable solution for delivering live video from your camera, video switcher or PC with production software to your viewers on your website or on major social media platforms. This is exactly what we offer, bringing many years of experience in live video encoding, transmission and distribution.

If you need to add branding to your event's live stream, there's no need to invest in a PC or laptop or license for the live production software: Core Cloud overlays feature is very simple to use.

And if you decide to add your event to a video hosting website - use Core to record and save your video files in the cloud to use them in post-production later on.

What do you gain by
using Core?

Fundamentally, Core Cloud brings you and your audience together on-line, without barriers or restrictions. Your remote participants are able to view your live streams on practically any device in beautiful 4K or Full HD quality. By hosting your events online you dramatically reduce the cost and increase your reach.

Teradek encoders and Core allow you to live stream your event from anywhere in the world using a variety of network connections, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet and cellular LTE/4G/3G connectivity. Now think about some exotic locations for your next conference!

A Canon camera with a Teradek encoder

How does Core fit into your existing workflow?

If you never recorded or live streamed your events, you can start with the most basic live streaming using a single camcorder (or a mobile phone). If you have recorded your events before, then adding the live component is a no brainer for anyone with some video experience.

Below are the workflows supported by Core, ranked from easy to more complex:
Smartphone to social
platforms / CDNs
Single camera to social
platforms / CDNs
Multi-camera live

Best subscription plans for conferences and events

Core 2.1 Basic
For occasional live streaming
(1-3 times per month)

Outbound data:
0GB + $2/GB
Cloud engines:
$75/month per engine
Graphic overlays:
$5 per hour
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Core 2.1 Plus
For live streaming on a regular basis
(1-2 times a week)

Outbound data:
100GB + $1/GB
Cloud engines:
1 + $75/month for additional
Graphic overlays:
$5 per hour
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Core 2.1 Pro
For broadcasters and pro streamers
(every day)

Outbound data:
300GB + $0.75/GB
Cloud engines:
1 + $50/month for additional
Graphic overlays:
$5 per hour
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Have questions?

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what Core can
do for you, contact us at: sales@teradek.com

Core Specs for conferences and events

Touch Devices
Core features
designed for
conferences & events
Live streaming to multiple social media platforms
Real time live streaming QoS and statistics
Graphic overlays for content branding (you can watermark each outbound stream differently)
Live recording in the cloud
HEVC to H.264 transcoding