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Teradek Core Share for Remote Off-set Monitoring

Core: a Video Village
in the Cloud

Teradek Core is a secure, cloud-based stream management tool that provides a decentralized workflow for off-set and off-site monitoring. Core allows productions to send a low-delay, encrypted video feed from cameras on set, or from post-production workstations, to stakeholders who need to view live feeds from remote production offices, homes, or mobile locations anywhere in the world.
A Canon camera with a Teradek encoder

Fast, Secure,

The simplicity and ease of sharing allows non-technical users to receive an email or a URL via a messenger app and begin viewing a camera or video feed seconds after opening.

Using Core, productions can share a secure, single-use link and pass-key, to remote collaborators via email, to open and view video feeds.

These personalized, encrypted feeds, can be sent to as many viewers as needed, and can be tracked and managed by an administrator in Core’s management tool.

Connect your
production team

With the new COVID-19 restrictions in place for the video village, remote collaboration is the key solution that allows your production to move forward and create more award winning movies, TV series and commercials.

A Canon camera with a Teradek encoder

What do you gain by using Core?

With the reduced crews allowed to be present on set, Core Share allows anyone to be virtually present during filming and collaborate during post-production from home, remote office or just anywhere in the world using Apple and Android devices or web browsers.

By using Teradek Core you get:
You feel safe about your content: it’s secured using end-to-end encryption.
All parties can receive professional quality 4K 10-bit HDR image.
Viewing and collaboration experience is native on iPhones, iPad Pros, Apple TV, Macs, most Android devices and web browsers, and on production or TV monitors (using Teradek decoders).

How does Core fit into your existing workflow?

Sharing video remotely is easy. Simply connect a Teradek encoder to each video source (i.e. DIT cart or post-production workstation), connect it to the Internet and login to your Core account.

Share this stream with your users by sharing a link or inviting them to view the stream via their email addresses. Using Teradek apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV and macOS the viewers can view all of the videos shared with them in the real time as well as use the multiple professional tools included in our native apps.

Pro Tip: Awareness Camera. Adding a wide angle camera, such as a GoPro or your phone, and sharing it via Core, you would allow the viewers to see on real time what is happening on-set.

Below are Core Share workflow examples for production and post-production houses:
Remote monitoring & COLLABORATION
with Core Share (from set)
Remote monitoring & COLLABORATION
with Core Share (from workstation)

Best subscription plans for Off-set Monitoring

For live streaming on a regular basis
Get Plus
For broadcasters and pro streamers
Get Pro
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Core Cloud
for Enterprises
For large broadcasters and SOGs
On-premise server options
Priority phone support
Optional dedicated cloud infrastructure
Volume discounts on streaming time and servers
Custom workflow integrations
Custom SSO integration

Have questions?

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what Core can
do for you, contact us at: sales@teradek.com

Core specs for off-set monitoring

Core features
designed for
off-set monitoring
Stream sharing
Collaboration with realtime voice and text chat.