Education institutions

Teradek products help educational institutions capture and share exceptional content. See how your school can build a stronger community with parents, faculty, and students through live streaming.

From sports games to rallies and graduation ceremonies, there’s so much to share with your community. The challenge is finding a way to bring these events to parents, family members and alumni, and delivering content in a way that drives engagement. We wanted to give schools an easy way to accomplish this. That’s why we created Teradek Education.

Build a community through live streaming

Build a community through live streaming

Teradek Education gives you the tools you need to deliver exciting content through live streaming. With the Teradek Vidiu Go, you can live stream all of your school’s events and, activities straight from your camera or switcher to any online platform of your choice. Go live on your school’s Facebook Page, YouTube, NFHS and even multiple destinations at the same time. By live streaming, parents, faculty, and communities can watch your school in action from anywhere in the world.

TV stations

Want to stream classes and lectures online? Vidiu Go makes this incredibly easy. Simply connect Vidiu Go to your camera, hit Go Live, and you’re ready to go. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube also archive your streams so your students can watch the classes again later.

Home or away games, stream your school’s sports events from virtually anywhere. Vidiu Go can combine up to two 4G LTE modems, Ethernet, and WiFi into a single internet pipeline for streaming so you can go live from wherever the athletes are.

Many people can’t make it to their student’s graduation day, but they deserve to be there all the same. With Vidiu Go, live stream high school graduation and give families the ability to attend as if they were there.

From assemblies to rallies and even band recitals, show your community how active and exciting your school can be. Live streaming lets everyone know that your school takes pride in its student activities.

Broadcasting morning announcements doesn’t have to be hard. Just stream to a platform of your choice and teachers in every classroom can tune in to watch the show.

Does your school offer a broadcasting class? If it does, then Vidiu Go is your best friend. Give your students a chance to work with the latest in live streaming tech that’s incredibly user friendly and packed full of features.

Best subscription plans for schools

Core 2.1 Basic
For occasional live streaming
(1-3 times per month)

Outbound data:
0GB + $2/GB
Cloud Sputnik Servers:
$75/month per server
Cloud Helios Servers:
$75/month per server
Graphic overlays:
$5 per hour
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Core 2.1 Plus
For live streaming on a regular basis
(1-2 times a week)

Outbound data:
100GB + $1/GB
Cloud Sputnik Servers:
1 + $75/month for additional
Cloud Helios Servers:
$75/month per server
Graphic overlays:
$5 per hour
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Core 2.1 Pro
For broadcasters and pro streamers
(every day)

Outbound data:
300GB + $0.75/GB
Cloud Sputnik Servers:
1 + $50/month for additional
Cloud Helios Servers:
$75/month per server
Graphic overlays:
$5 per hour
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Core Specs for schools

Mobile Devices
Core features
designed for
Live streaming to multiple social media platforms
Real time live streaming QoS and statistics
Graphic overlays for content branding (you can watermark each outbound stream differently)
Live recording in the cloud
HEVC to H.264 transcoding