Teradek Core for
Pro Live Streaming

What is Core?

Core is a secure end-to-end cloud solution for multi-streaming your live events. Using Teradek IP encoders and proprietary Teradek Cloud we offer fast and reliable delivery of your live content from your production studio to multiple CDNs. Native integration of Teradek codecs with Core allows easy setup for live production at any scale.
Why do you need Core?

Why do you need Core?

Regardless of whether you’re a live production company or you do live streaming for your own brand, you need Core because:

  • You want to grow your or your customer’s community and audience;
  • You want to do your job with new COVID-19 related restrictions in place;
  • You want to remotely host any type of live events;
  • You want to enter a growing business of live streaming services;
  • You want to share your brand’s story without sky high budgets;
  • You want to get in touch with your audience in a more personal way;
  • Feel absolutely safe about your content security.

What do you gain by
using Core?

Using Core Cloud allows you to do Full HD and 4K live streaming from anywhere in the world using a variety of network connections, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Cellular; to record live streams in the cloud in the real time; to make sure your live streams go uninterrupted even with networking issues. With Core your events will reach a much broader audience, especially with the new COVID-19 social distancing rules. If you do live streaming in an enterprise environment, Core allows you to save thousands of dollars of travel budget for employees and stakeholders by hosting your corporate events online.

Teradek’s own bonding technology and proprietary high performance cellular modems (Node) or bonded cellular Wi-Fi routers (Link Pro) allow you to host your live events practically anywhere with LTE/4G/3G cellular connectivity — those remote locations where other other live video technology doesn’t stand a chance.

What do you gain by using Core?

How does Core fit into your existing workflow?

If you’re a live streaming professional then obviously you need a solution that will become a great fit for your existing workflow. With your live production setup already nailed, low latency delivery of your content to the Cloud is very easy with Core and a Teradek IP video encoder.

Below are examples of the most common live streaming workflows with Core.
Multi-cam production
Single camera restreaming
Two-cam restreaming

Best subscription plans for Live Streaming

Core 2.1 Plus
For live streaming on a regular basis
(1-2 times a week)

Outbound data:
100GB + $1/GB
Cloud Servers:
$2/hour or $75/mo per server
(1 monthly included)
$3/hour or $500/mo per server
Graphic overlays:
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Core 2.1 Pro
For broadcasters and pro streamers
(every day)

Outbound data:
300GB + $0.75/GB
Cloud Servers:
$2/hour or $50/mo per server
(1 monthly included)
$3/hour or $500/mo per server
Graphic overlays:
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Have questions?

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what Core can
do for you, contact us at: sales@teradek.com

Core Specs for Live Streaming

Mobile Devices
Core App
Airmix Solo
Core features
designed for
live streaming
Remote device configuration
Real time live streaming QoS and statistics
Graphic overlays for content branding (you can watermark each outbound stream differently)
Live streaming to multiple social media platforms
HEVC to H.264 transcoding
Ability to deploy and use your own streaming servers
Live recording in the cloud