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Manage your Teradek IP video devices and live streams in real-time from your iOS device. The Core app gives you unprecedented control over your Teradek digital video workflow from anywhere in the world.*
*Requires active Core subscription.

What is Core?

Core is Teradek’s cloud-based IP video management platform designed for professional broadcasters. Core allows you to route, monitor, archive and distribute your video feeds from any web browser or iOS device with an internet connection.

Remote Configuration / Monitoring

Remotely configure every parameter of your Teradek codec (resolution, bitrate, etc.) or route the video feed to any compatible Teradek decoders located locally or off site.

Cloud Archiving

Safely record and store your streams on Core for post-production or delivery at a later time.


Convert HEVC (H.265) video feeds to AVC (H.264) in real-time. Core’s transcoding feature allows Teradek HEVC users to save on uplink bandwidth while delivering video in the widely accepted H.264 format.

Core TV is the most secure, streamlined way for your clients or crew members to monitor your live video. With Core TV, you can give people real-time access to watch your live stream without giving them your device’s IP address or admin privileges on your Teradek Core dashboard. Simply invite users to your stream via email. Core TV even encrypts your stream, so nobody outside of your organization can access your video.


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Airmix Solo is a video switcher and live streaming application for iPhones and iPods. The app allows you to stream to any online video platform and includes a number of powerful features:

HD resolution

Stream in 1080p at bitrates up to 10Mbps.

Stream Labs Integration

Add alerts and pop ups for donations, subscribers, and more right into your stream.

Live Chat for Twitch, Facebook, & YouTube

For a small additional charge, add live chat to your YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch stream.


Add up to 2 graphics layers on top of your stream, including lower thirds, images, and text.


Choose from a variety of different transitions to move between different video feeds and/or pre-recorded videos.

Audio Mixer

Adjust audio levels from your headphone input, external audio (via Lightning) or internal mic.

Image Editor

Adjust your graphics from within the app.

Manual Camera Control

Manually change the focus and exposure of your iOS camera.

Core Integration

Link your Airmix Solo device to your Core account for remote monitoring, routing, and multi-platform delivery.

AirPlay / HDMI Output

Use AirPlay to mirror your live feed onto any compatible TV or computer.

Airmix User Group

Join our Airmix Facebook user group

App store download

Add another camera to your live streaming production!

Turn your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad) into a wireless video source for Teradek’s Airmix and Airmix Solo applications.

Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, and any other online video platform at the touch of a button. Switch between up to 6 live video feeds from iOS devices or from cameras connected to Teradek encoders.

Airmix Remote includes almost everything a hardware video switcher has, such as:
- Stream with up to 4 pre-recorded video and 6 live video feeds at the same time
- Support for up to 1440p60
- PiP and Multiviewer functionality
- Integrated audio mixer and graphics editor
- Chroma key compositing
- GIF support
- Built-in and customizable scoreboards and overlays
- Streams to any online video platform
- Instant replay
- Record to the iPad instead of streaming, or do both simultaneously
- Multiple video transitions including dissolve, swipe, and scaleYouTube, Facebook, and Twitch chat integration
- RTSP remote video ingest
- Task division allows you to separate functions in the app so others in your crew can control them with their own iOS device
- Manual camera control for iOS devices (bitrate, resolution, focus, exposure)

VUER is an iOS application that allows you to monitor and analyze up to 4 Teradek encoder video feeds in real-time, all in 1080p HD. With a built-in histogram, false color, focus peaking, waveform monitor and vectorscope, digging into the details of your video streams has never been easier.

Tool Buttons Page 1:

- Histogram — adjust display mode (fullscreen, overlay, top and bottom), type of chart (luminance, RGB Parade, RGB Overlay), Opacity, Position and Size.
- Waveform — adjust display mode (fullscreen, overlay, top and bottom), type of chart (luminance, RGB Parade, RGB Overlay), Intensity, Opacity, Position and Size.
- Vectorscope — adjust display mode (fullscreen, overlay, top and bottom), type of chart (Cr/Cb or H/S), Intensity, Opacity, Overlay Position, and Overlay Size
- False Color — select a full-range IRE Guide or a Discrete guide (similar to ARRI or RED camera false color guides), enable IRE Guide overlay for reference on-screen
- Peaking — adjust peaking threshold
- Focus Assist — focus assist color and intensity

Tool Buttons Page 2:

- Framelines — adjust 2 sets of preset or custom aspect ratio created with a simple function (x:x), Frameline Color, Center mark, Surround Mask opacity, and Safe Zone %Waveform — adjust display mode (fullscreen, overlay, top and bottom), type of chart (luminance, RGB Parade, RGB Overlay), Intensity, Opacity, Position and Size.
- Frame Grab — naming prefix, File naming (name each grab manually or use prefix setting, Manage grabs (Shortcut to framegrab manager thumbnail library)
- Frame Compare — overlay image selection, Blend Mode selection (interpolate, difference, screen, exclusion and geometric), Alpha % blend slider
- Distort — select Anamorphic Desqueeze aspect ratio (1:1, 1.33:1, 1.5:1, 1.78:1, 2:1 or Custom), Flip and / or Mirror function
- Magnify — Magnifier Size (Small, Medium or Large), Magnifier Outline Color (white, red, blue, yellow, green or no outline)